Corporate history

November 1964 “Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” was established.
August 2001 Strategic capital alliance signed with Itochu Chemical Frontier Corporation, Inabata & Co., Ltd. and CBC Co., Ltd.
February 2007 Obtained all stocks for Sankyo Yell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. From Sankyo Co., Ltd., jointly with the group companies
October 2007 Tokyo Head Office was established at St. Luke’s Tower
June 2008 Transferred head office functions to Shiga Research Park
Introduction of resources from Toho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
February 2014 Capital:1,369,950,000yen
December 2015 Antineoplastic Enzyme Preparation “Crisantaspase”
Submission of a Japan New Drug Application for the Treatment of Diseases
including Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Malignant Lymphoma.