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Assisting the juvenile cancer patient support group "STAND UP!!"

As part of the activities to boost the morale of patients with juvenile cancer, an informative magazine for juvenile cancer patients, "STAND UP!!" (free paper issue no. 1), has been published.
Ohara Pharmaceutical is attempting to make this free paper available at medical institutions so that the activities of this support group become more widely known to patients with juvenile cancer.

Support for the NPO "Asian Children's Care League"

The "Asian Children's Care League" is a non-profit organization that provides medical and welfare support for children with intractable diseases or those experiencing social difficulties, as well as supporting their families.
Ohara Pharmaceutical is supporting the activities of this NPO and cooperates with them to improve treatment outcomes.

Regional support - support activities in Koka-shi, Shiga Japan

We support the city of Koka by making an annual donation at the end of each financial year, motivated by the wish to "support the children with the love of everyone".