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Message - Ohara Pharmaceutical's vision Entirely from the patients' perspective Providing dependable pharmaceuticals for the future of medicine

In 2001, with the purpose of popularizing generic drugs in Japan which precedes other countries in experiencing a super-aging society in the 21st century, Ohara Pharmaceutical formed a strategic alliance with three trading houses and made a full-scale entry into the Japanese generic drug market. As you are aware, setting a target for generic drug use of 80% or more by volume, the Japanese government has from then onward taken the initiative in promoting the use of such drugs. Meanwhile, Ohara Pharmaceutical has independently developed tablet printing techniques making use of cutting-edge technologies unique to Japan to produce finely and beautifully printed products and the latest model of containers utilizing IT, i Package, thereby contributing to improving patient security in medical treatment and medical safety at medical institutions.

In 2016, in order to make a social contribution in a manner consistent with increasing cash flow, Ohara Pharmaceutical put up the slogan "Innovation 2016" for its medium-term management plan and decided to proactively and strongly promote innovation business activities. To begin with, we will proceed primarily with the development of orphan drugs for children in an effort to reduce the drug lag problem in Japan. Furthermore, we will set up a nucleic acid drug discovery division and tackle in-house new drug discovery projects which will cover the field of blood cancer as well.

Please expect efforts Ohara Pharmaceutical will make towards innovation from this point onward to produce new drugs which will be able to contribute to the future of medical services from a patients' perspective.

Ohara Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. CEO Seiji Ohara